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52nd PCB Meeting
© View of the meeting room at the Palais de Nations during the 52nd PCB Meeting.

NGO Delegation’s Summary Bulletin & Report Back Webinars

The NGO Delegation’s Summary Bulletin for the 52nd UNAIDS PCB Meeting contains the following sections: Report of the Executive Director; Report by the Chair of the Committee of Cosponsoring Organisations (CCO); Follow-up to the thematic segment from the 51st PCB meeting; Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework (UBRAF) 2022-2026 – Performance reporting 2022 and the Workplan and Budget 2024-2025; Update on strategic human resources management issues followed by the statement of the representative of the UNAIDS Secretariat Staff Association; and last but not least the Organizational Oversight Reports, concluding with the Thematic Segment.


Cecilia Chung | North America delegate

The 52nd Meeting of the PCB took place from 26th to 28th June 2023 in Geneva. This was the first meeting that NGO observers could attend in person since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first day of the meeting consisted of standing business (ED report, COO Chair report, and consideration of the report of the previous meeting; and ended with the follow-up of the thematic segment of the 51st PCB meeting titled, “HIV and Men, in all their diversity, how can we get our responses on track?”.

The second day focused on UBRAF reports, an update on human resource management issues, a statement made by the chair of the UNAIDS Secretariat Staff Association, and the reports on independent oversight of the organization.

The third day began with the adaptation of the decision points, followed by a full day of thematic segment, which was also the highlight of the meeting. It was the first time that the PCB listened to three panels of professionals with members from the transgender community. Some other observations include tensions between some member states and it being the first PCB meeting for the new Deputy Executive Directors, Angeli Achrekar and Christine Stegling.

PCB Summary Bulletin

Publication date

25 July 2023

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