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NGO Reports

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Our NGO Report for 2023 is currently in production. This year’s report to the PCB will focus on ‘HIV response for people living with HIV during humanitarian crises and emergencies’. 
You can get involved:
We invite you to submit relevant good practice case studies.

The 2022 NGO report focuses on the untapped potential of U=U as a community-led, HIV health equity strategy to improve the health and quality of life of people living with HIV and contribute to the global treatment targets by advancing universal access to antiretroviral therapy, diagnostics and sustained care, while reducing HIV transmission.

NGO Report of the 49th PCB Meeting | 23 November 2021

Left Out: The HIV Community and Societal Enablers in the HIV response

The 2021 NGO Report focuses on the importance of strengthening societal enablers for the HIV response. The Global AIDS Strategy recognizes that HIV services on their own will not be sufficient to reach the 2030 target without concerted efforts to address the social and structural factors that increase HIV vulnerability and diminish the ability of marginalized populations to access essential services.

PCB Summary Bulletin

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The NGO Delegation’s Summary Bulletin for the 52nd UNAIDS PCB Meeting reflects the engagement of the NGO Delegation on all agenda items of that meeting. It’s made available in all 6 official UN languages. Here you can also watch the recordings of the report back to civil society webinars with interpretation in French, Spanish and Russian.

The NGO Delegation’s Summary Bulletin for the 51st UNAIDS PCB Meeting reflects the engagement of the NGO Delegation on all agenda items amongst which: Report by the NGO Representative; Final Report on community-led AIDS responses based on the recommendations of the Multistakeholder Task Team to the UNAIDS 51st PCB and the Thematic Segment.

The NGO Delegation’s Summary Bulletin for the 50th UNAIDS PCB Meeting reflects the engagement of the NGO Delegation on all agenda items amongst which: Indicator matrix for the 2022-2026 UBRAF and indicators, milestones, targets and data sources for the 2022-2023 Workplan and Budget, Follow-up to the thematic segment from the 49th PCB meeting, and Thematic Segment – “Positive Learning: harnessing the power of education to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination, empower young people, and provide a comprehensive HIV response”

News & Blog

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Being an NGO delegate gave me a direct experience of global health diplomacy, where simple distinctions between policy and politics don’t apply. I had to quickly move from being the NGO outsider to finding myself very much part of reaching an agreement across significant divides: public health science, national and cultural interests, and a global rights-based approach to health, all within a context of intense multi-stakeholder lobbying and advocacy. Being an NGO delegate at the PCB is both exhilarating and exhausting. What makes it worthwhile is knowing that you are contributing even a little to ending AIDS and ensuring health for all. 

News | 28 August 2023

Request for proposal

The CCF is hosted by a civil society organization based on a two-year contract. The current contract is ending on 31 December 2023. The UNAIDS Secretariat and the NGO Delegation, therefore, have to start a procurement process to select the organization that will host CCF for the coming two years.

We invite Civil Society Organizations to share their ideas for topics for the thematic segments of the PCB meetings in 2024. Which burning HIV/AIDS-related matter deserves the attention of UNAIDS during its board meetings? Let us know!

Blog | 8 August 2023

Remember to #SayZero

Why should everyone should join in to further promote #UequalsU #SayZero? Because it helps spread the scientific evidence as released in the new WHO Policy Brief on HIV Viral Suppression that people living with HIV on effective treatment who are virally suppressed had zero risk of sexual transmission!

We proudly present our new visual identity and renewed website. At the end of the 52nd PCB meeting UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima officially opened the new website and congratulated the delegates with this milestone that aims to improve the communication of the NGO Delegation with its constituencies.

About the NGO Delegation

The Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) was created to serve as the governing body of UNAIDS. The PCB includes a Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) Delegation composed of five members and five alternates that represent five geographic regions: Africa, Asia & the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America & the Caribbean. Read more >


UNAIDS was established in 1994 through a resolution of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and made operational in January, 1996. Read more >


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