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NGO Report

NGO Report of the 24th PCB Meeting | 21 April 2009

Survey around barriers to achieving universal access

PCB Summary Bulletin

24th PCB Meeting | 12 June 2009

NGO Delegation’s PCB Summary Bulletin

The UNAIDS PCB NGO Delegation, supported by a record number of civil society observers, influenced numerous important agenda items including: prevention among drug users, the gender-sensitivity of the AIDS response, people on the move and a new support facility for African Member States. Building on this year’s NGO report, the NGO Delegation also focused on stigma and discrimination as a key barrier to achieving universal access and has succeeded in bringing this issue as an agenda item for a 2010 board meeting, as well as establishing non-discrimination as a core principle of UNAIDS. Below is an overview of the main outcomes of the meeting.

Agenda items

No agenda items available yet.

About the NGO Delegation

The Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) was created to serve as the governing body of UNAIDS. The PCB includes a Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) Delegation composed of five members and five alternates that represent five geographic regions: Africa, Asia & the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America & the Caribbean. Read more >


UNAIDS was established in 1994 through a resolution of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and made operational in January, 1996. Read more >


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