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Who wants to join the Informal Multistakeholder Task Team to provide recommendations to the Bureau on the UNAIDS funding situation (immediate and sustainable)?

Further to the 50th PCB meeting and as requested by the PCB, the PCB Bureau is pleased to call for interested PCB members, observers, Cosponsors, PCB NGO delegation, and other stakeholders to express their interest in being part of the informal multistakeholder task team on options and recommendations to address UNAIDS’ funding situation, sustainable financing, and immediate funding shortfall.

In accordance with decision 6.7 “Requests the PCB Bureau to urgently convene an informal inclusive task team of interested PCB members, observers, cosponsors, PCB NGO delegation, and other stakeholders on options for resolving the immediate funding crisis for the 2022-2023 biennium and report back to the PCB electronically by 30 July 2022 on outcomes and recommendations of these discussions” and decision 6.8 “In advance of the next UNAIDS Structured Financing Dialogue, calls on the PCB Bureau to utilize the informal multistakeholder task team to develop recommendations on voluntarily based sustainable funding of the UBRAF, to be presented and discussed at the December 2022 PCB”, the informal multistakeholder task team will work with the PCB Bureau supported by the Secretariat to deliver two sets of options and recommendations following a strict timeline and as follows :

  1. Report on options for resolving the immediate UNAIDS funding crisis for the 2022-2023 biennium submitted electronically to the PCB by 30 July 2022
  2. Develop recommendations on voluntarily based sustainable funding of the UBRAF and submit these to the PCB at the December 2022 PCB meeting.

It is important to note that further to receipt of expressions of interest and to ensure that the task team is efficient, the PCB Bureau will agree on a list of no more than 15 members with variable experience, taking into account the following criteria and thanks and apologizes for those who will not be selected :

  • Good understanding of HIV, health, and/or related development issues and familiarity with the work of the UNAIDS Secretariat and Cosponsors at country, regional, and/or global levels ;
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding and/or experience of international and/or national funding architecture for HIV/health responses ;
  • Expertise and experience in resource mobilization ;
  • Understanding of the GIPA (Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS) principle and its application in national HIV responses;
  • Working knowledge of English and/or French (the two official working languages of UNAIDS – interpretation will be provided if needed).

If you are interested in joining the task team or have any questions on the above, kindly submit your name and contact details as well as a short biography to no later than 7 July 2022.

News | 1 July 2022

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