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Statement of the NGO Delegation on the UNAIDS sexual harassment case

With the emergence of the #MeToo movement and renewed calls for zero tolerance of sexual harassment in all sectors of society, we too, in the NGO Delegation, have had to confront our understanding of the issues, not just from afar in the arts, entertainment, media and political sectors in the United States, but closer to home, here at UNAIDS. Amid stories being told, ample media coverage, and calls for the removal of senior staff and other personnel actions, the NGO Delegation did our homework, met with senior staff, and participated in a full briefing from the Executive Director, Michel Sidibe.

In our meetings, we received a thorough review of the case involving Deputy Executive Director Luiz Loures, a briefing of the actions and steps taken, clarification of the findings, and an overview of the newly developed Five-Point Action Plan to prevent and address harassment, including sexual harassment and unethical behavior within UNAIDS. From all that we learned, we too, are confident that appropriate actions were taken and the case involving Mr. Loures was resolved according to WHO/UN processes.

We welcome the Five-Point Action Plan and acknowledge the bold and decisive steps UNAIDS is taking/has taken to address concerns raised by staff and Board Members alike. We agree with Michel Sidibé, who said, “As a champion for zero discrimination, UNAIDS is well placed to address these issues. We need to do more, and we need to do better.” As Board members, we too, in the NGO Delegation, believe strongly and agree that all forms of sexual harassment, gender-based violence, and unethical behavior are unacceptable wherever and whenever they occur. We will work to ensure the processes are open transparent, and hold all those involved accountable for their actions.

We welcome Gunilla Carlsson, deputy executive director for management, who will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the Five-Point Action Plan and continued implementation of the UNAIDS Gender Action Plan. We also thank Luiz Loures, deputy executive director for programmes, upon his retirement from UNAIDS, for his decades-long service to UNAIDS, PLHIVs, and communities.

Musah Lumumba, NGO Africa

Sonal Mehta, Asia-Pacific

Aditia Taslim Lim, Asia-Pacific

Alessandra Nilo, NGO Latin America and the Caribbean

Devanand Milton, NGO Latin America and the Caribbean

Ferenc Bagyinszky, NGO Europe

Trevor Stratton, NGO North America

Marsha Martin, NGO North America

Note: Our incoming replacement Delegates from African Men for Sexual Health and
Rights (AMSHER), Africa, and the All Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV
(Europe) are awaiting inter-sessional approval from the PCB.

News | 10 March 2018

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