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Thematic Segment Panel - 45th PCB Meeting
© Thematic Segment Panel – 45th PCB Meeting

Share your proposals for thematic segments in 2024

In preparation for UNAIDS’ Programme Coordinating Board’s (PCB) meetings in 2024, the NGO Delegation invites all civil society organizations to propose possible topics for Thematic Segments. The topics should address HIV/AIDS-related issues that have not yet been explored by the PCB and should be submitted via email by 10 September 2023.

Gastón Devisich, the NGO Delegation’s representative responsible for relaying proposals to the PCB’s Bureau, says the Thematic Segments play an imperative role in the improvement of UNAIDS’ global HIV/AIDS-related policies and interventions.

“If we are going to formulate strategies and interventions to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, it is important to have input from members of civil society. These are the individuals and organizations that have dedicated their lives to confronting some of the most burning HIV/AIDS-related matters at the grassroots level. They are well-informed about these issues as they witness or experience them firsthand. Therefore, they are in a better position to comment on them,” he explains.

As the NGO Delegation represents civil society on the PCB, all proposed topics are received by the delegation for consideration and further deliberation. Civil society is encouraged to propose topics that are of utmost relevance in their respective corners of the globe. This helps the NGO Delegation to ensure that it presents topics that not only hold relevance in the current political climate but also touch on the concerns of the majority.

“Once all the topics have been submitted by the civil society, we review them to make an informed decision on which topics hold global relevance. We strive to be always intentional and strategic about which topics to present to the PCB Bureau when the choice for next year’s Thematic Segments is discussed. The aim is to bring to UNAIDS’s attention some of the most urgent matters that need to be considered when formulating policies and interventions,” says Gastón.

For these reasons, civil society is encouraged to not only carefully consider the topics they wish to put forward but also to reach out to fellow role-players as means of gauging the consensus on those topics. Please note that a wide range of topics have already been visited at previous Thematic Segments. Ideally, the NGO Delegation would like to deliberate on new topics or different angles to the ones that have already been explored. You can find the download link below.

Send in your proposals for thematic segment topics

News | 18 August 2023

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