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The NGO Delegation represents civil society on the UNAIDS PCB, the governing body of UNAIDS.


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Request for Proposal: Supporting the effective and meaningful participation of civil society in the UNGA 2021 High Level Meeting on AIDS (HLM)
The provider shall be a civil society or community led organization operating in the fields of global health, HIV, international development and human rights, with proven expertise in regional or global HIV work, particularly with key populations, and in advocacy with governments and UN agencies. Read More...
Joint letter from Civil Society and Key Populations communities from Central, Eastern European and Central Asia region to support Global AIDS Strategy zero draft
sent 12th of February, 2021To: To UNAIDS Strategy Team and UNAIDS PCB members CC: DXD Programme UNAIDS, DXD MER UNAIDSWe are writing to you today as representatives of regional, national and local civil society organizations, key population communities and networks to welcome the zero draft of the Read More...
Аннотированный резюме Глобальной стратегии по СПИДу на период 2021 - 2026 гг
Чтобы достичь нашей общей цели по искоренению СПИДа к 2030 году Read More...
The NGO Delegation's Communique for the 47th UNAIDS PCB Meeting
The NGO Delegation's Communique for the 47th UNAIDS PCB Meeting is already out. The Communique contains the following sections: Report of the Executive Director; Report by the NGO Representative; Annual Progress Report on HIV Prevention 2020; Evaluation; UNAIDS Strategy beyond 2021; Statement by the Read More...
Incoming PCB NGO Delegates - 2021-2022
Iwatutu Joyce Adewole, African Girl Child Development and Support Initiative, Incoming Delegate - NGO AfricaAfrican Read More...
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The Communication and Consultation Facility (CCF) for the NGO Delegation is currently hosted by the Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV (APN+), Bangkok, Thailand

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