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> UNAIDS’ ongoing budget shortfalls threaten meaningful involvement of civil society in the global HIV/AIDS response

The continuous underfunding of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS has now trickled down to the Joint Programme’s governance. It is threatening the meaningful involvement of civil society in shaping the Joint Programme. The NGO Delegation reveals that multiple unsuccessful attempts have been made to engage UNAIDS and its funding Member States regarding the financial shortages. 


> Who wants to join the Informal Multistakeholder Task Team to provide recommendations to the Bureau on the UNAIDS funding situation (immediate and sustainable)?

Further to the 50th PCB meeting and as requested by the PCB, the PCB Bureau is pleased to call for interested PCB members, observers, Cosponsors, PCB NGO delegation, and other stakeholders to express their interest in being part of the informal multistakeholder task team on options and recommendations to address UNAIDS’ funding situation, sustainable financing, and immediate funding shortfall.


> Supreme Court rules against US government in HIV/AIDS funding case

The federal government cannot require that groups using its money to combat HIV/AIDS overseas promise to oppose prostitution and sex trafficking, a divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday. Despite complaints from some justices that the government has a right to pick and choose who receives federal funds, the court ruled that such a pledge amounts toContinue reading « Supreme Court rules against US government in HIV/AIDS funding case »

La délégation des ONG

Le Conseil de coordination du Programme (CCP) a été établi comme organe directeur de l’ONUSIDA. Le CCP comprend une délégation d’organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) composée de cinq membres et de cinq suppléants représentant cinq régions géographiques: l’Afrique, l’Asie et l’Océanie, l’Europe, l’Amérique latine et les Caraïbes et l’Amérique du Nord.

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L’ONUSIDA a été créé en 1994 par une résolution du Conseil économique et social des Nations Unies (ECOSOC) et rendu opérationnel en janvier 1996.

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