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24th International AIDS Conference, Montreal, Canada.
© 24th International AIDS Conference, Montreal, Canada. Around the conference. Photo©Marcus Rose/IAS

Become This Year’s NGO Report Consultant

Are you passionate about community leadership, sustainability, human rights, and the HIV response? The NGO Delegation invites you to join us as this year’s NGO Report Consultant for our upcoming report, « Breaking the Chains: Community Leadership, Sustainability, Human Rights, and the HIV Response. »

Why You Should Get Involved

This is a unique opportunity to make a significant impact by highlighting the vital role of community leadership in the face of growing challenges from anti-rights movements and government restrictions.

What You’ll Do

As our NGO Report Consultant, you’ll:

  • Craft a detailed report outline and refine it with feedback.
  • Design data collection methods including interview guides and questionnaires.
  • Review key publications and grey literature on the topic.
  • Conduct an online survey with civil society experts, supported by the CCF.
  • Develop at least five compelling case studies.
  • Write the draft report and collaborate closely with our Working Group and CCF to incorporate feedback.
  • Finalize and submit the report after revisions from the delegation and the copy edits from the UNAIDS Secretariat.
  • Create a dynamic slide deck summarizing the report with visuals for the PCB presentation.

Important Note

The NGO Delegation is still in the process of securing funding for the report.

Ready to Apply?

If you’re experienced in writing impactful reports and ready to contribute to this crucial project, send your expression of interest, CV, and a quote to by 15 June 2024.

For more details, view the linked concept note and terms of reference below.

Make a difference with your expertise—join us in breaking the chains!

Actualités | 3 juin 2024

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