UNAIDS Structured Funding Dialogue - Intervention by Jules Kim

Delivered by Jules Kim, Asia and the Pacific Delegate, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

I make this statement on behalf of the NGO Delegation

The world is on the brink of an event horizon of crises: health vs disease & death; human development vs enveloping poverty; human rights vs viscous persecution; gender equality vs a war on women; and climate disaster vs common action for a sustainable planet.

The United Nations, flawed and imperfect as it is, is the best system we have invented for steering our common agenda to a survivable sustainable future rather than one of war, death and planetary destruction. And the Joint Programme, UNAIDS, flawed and imperfect as it is, is the very best vehicle we have invented for our collective struggle to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.

Now is not the time for brinkmanship. For preventing good in the name some imagined perfect. For politics. For playing with millions of lives of people living with and affected by HIV. The world cannot afford for the HIV response, so recently agreed in the High Level Political outcome and the new Global AIDS Strategy, to fail. The world, and in particular our key populations and communities, needs the HIV response; the HIV response, for now perhaps, needs UNAIDS; and UNAIDS needs to be fully funded in order to succeed. It really is this simple.

Yes sure, the response is a global responsibility. But member states sitting in this room, here today, have the data, the knowledge, and the resources to fund UNAIDS, and to ensure its success. We hope, on behalf of all of civil society that you have the political leadership to do so.

A day or two ago young climate activists in Glasgow said, “No more blah, blah, blah”. We don’t think that anything that happens in the joint Programme is blah blah blah. But we do think this brinkmanship on fully funding the budget, is unwarranted, dangerous, and self-defeating to the SDGs more broadly. Funding UNAIDS is a sound investment for donor countries. It produces multiple returns on investment in areas as wide as inequality, gender equality, global heath & health security, and adolescent health and national development of member states.

We urge you, no we beg you, on behalf of our communities. Let us all again step up and put money where our mouths are. Please. Fully fund this UBRAF.

I thank you.


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