October Special Session - Intervention by Violeta Ross - Agenda Item 3: UBRAF 2022-2026

Delivered by Violeta Ross, Latin America and the Caribbean Delegate, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

Thank you, Chair.

I speak on behalf of the NGO Delegation from one province of Montero in Santa Cruz-Bolivia. I am here documenting a successful experience of social contracting of people living with HIV. This province has the highest rates of HIV, TB and now also of COVID-19.

Despite the hard conditions, the lack of information and support from the National AIDS Program, they managed to secure social contracting of five people living with HIV. This excellent outcome is a result of the alliance between local leaders living with HIV, health staffs who were trained in Japan by JICA and who now became representatives of the municipality.

As I attend this meeting, I can´t stop thinking how UNAIDS and the UBRAF are real for these people and local leaders like the ones in this province. For us, a fully funded UBRAF is essential to achieving the goals of the HIV response. While this new UBRAF has improved significantly, we think the document presented has to improve in the following areas:

We would like to see the indicators formulated sooner, not as late as June 2022.

We need clear mechanisms to be able to track the budget implementation at regional and country levels. Even for us, advocates who are part of a global policy making body like the UNAIDS PCB, this information is not always accessible.

The accountability mechanism has to give clear examples on what happens at regional level and how this becomes real for people with HIV and key populations. This accountability mechanism must also include Co-sponsors, especially with regards to utilization of UBRAF funds and results achieved.

HIV is a good example in governance in health, regarding the UBRAF, we have to maintain the accountability mechanisms at global, regional and country level. This is also a good advocacy tool for sustainable HIV financing. We must strengthen our investments in community-led responses. We urge Member States to work towards a fully-funded UBRAF and that is our main ask.


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