48th PCB - Intervention by Violeta Ross - Agenda item 9: Update on the implementation of the HIV response for migrant and mobile populations

Delivered by Violeta Ross, Latin America and the Caribbean, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

The NGO Delegation reaffirms the importance of this topic. As explained in the report, responding to migration and HIV requires coordinated and systematic actions across co-sponsors, borders and countries. That is why our delegation calls for the need to explore the establishment of a new international coalition to elevate the attention to migration and HIV.

We know the issue is politically complex because it brings topics like punitive laws and travel restrictions. In mobility and HIV, we can see a clear example of how laws can go against the human rights of some people and groups, while pretending to protect our national borders. It also implies the topic of national sovereignty and its limits.

Despite those complexities, we need to be practical and acknowledge that in this century, we live in a globalized community. Nowadays, borders are diffused but what does not change across countries and borders is the dignity of human beings.

Therefore, because we are talking about people with human rights, we cannot simply disassociate from these debates or decisions. What we need are decisions that practically, ethically and politically respond to the issue of people on the move and HIV.

Those practical solutions are signaled in the report. As our delegation stated in the pre- meetings, we urge the PCB members to adopt and implement the recommendations of the report.


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