March Special Session - Intervention by GNP+ - Agenda Item 4: Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework (UBRAF) for 2021- 2026 Strategy

Delivered by Omar Syarif, Global Network of People Living with HIV

Honorable Chair and esteemed colleague,

My name is Omar Syarif and I thank you for the opportunity given to speak on behalf of The Global Network of People Living with HIV.

GNP+ welcomes and supports the Secretariat proposed timeframe of full UBRAF development process as well as biennial work plan and budget process, and further look forward to a comprehensive consultative process with all stakeholders in particular PLHIV and Key Populations groups.

We would also like to draw your attention to the funding environment for social enablers programming which will be key to achieve 2025 targets. In that regard, the new UBRAF should clearly indicate investment for communities as well as possibility for a co-financing mechanism between HIV sector and non-health sectors to ensure sufficient resourcing for the implementation of inequalities framework within the 2021-2026 GAS.

We have seen progress in financing community-led responses in the past few years such as the Robert Carr Funding mechanism, which not only provides support for crucial areas of advocacy and service deliveries but also supporting core funding to community groups for more sustainable and efficient community-led responses. At the same time, we have seen increased investment from GF and PEPFAR towards community-led initiatives, however such good practices need to be increased and replicated for broader coverage and achieve desired impact.

We expected a robust accountability framework which is capable of capturing the reality at grassroot level, and to do so it is critical for the framework to have a mechanism where civil society especially PLHIV and Key populations groups would be able to feed into, using data, findings and results from community-led responses.


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