March Special Session - Intervention by Charanjit Sharma - Agenda Item 5: PCB Report to ECOSOC

Delivered by Charanjit Sharma, Asia and the Pacific Delegate, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

Thank you chair,

I speak on behalf of the NGO Delegation. First of all, I would like to thank the Secretariat for the comprehensive report to ECOSOC written on behalf of the PCB Bureau. The report will give ECOSOC an excellent overview of the evolution of the Joint Program and its unique governance structure which the report, rightfully so, highlights as a best practice for other UN organizations.

The NGO Delegation is pleased that a very turbulent period over the past 3 years where shortcomings in the governance and oversight of the Joint Program by the PCB were brought to light, culminates in this report to ECOSOC. The PCB has shown leadership in handling very delicate matters and was able to reach a consensus on ways to improve the governance of the Joint Program and oversight and accountability by the PCB.

Furthermore, the NGO Delegation appreciates the paragraphs in the report that underlines the paramount importance of the NGO Delegation for the efficacy of the Joint Program and reaffirms the decision points agreed upon at the 47th PCB meeting.

The recommendations of the report to ECOSOC are to the point and the NGO Delegation urges ECOSOC to take the right steps to put the recommendations into action.


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