March Special Session - Intervention by Jumoke Patrick - Agenda Item 4: Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework (UBRAF) for 2021- 2026 Strategy

Delivered by Jumoke Patrick, Latin America and the Caribbean Delegate, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

Thank you, Chair.

I speak on behalf of the NGO Delegation. One of the most exciting aspects of the new Global AIDS Strategy we adopt today, is the significant scaling up of community delivery and programming. As NGO Delegation members of this PCB, we expect that this will translate into full and equal involvement of civil society and communities in the new UNAIDS Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework development and will result in sustainable civil society and community funding. For too long we have seen strategy consultations and global commitments include ourselves and our communities, before turning around and deliberately excluding us from essential budgeting processes and decisions. We cannot continue being left out of decision-making processes and to be treated unfairly as just target objects and numbers to fulfil country and global fast track targets. Nor can we continue to be excluded from data collection processes on a national and regional level - see that some data collected through governmental institutions are divergent and not in line with what we, in the communities, see and experience. We need to focus on strengthening the data collection of and by communities as we strengthen our participation in UBRAF and other budget processes.

Yesterday we heard Peter Sands from the Global Fund say he didn't think the full strategy budget could be funded yet and that tough choices would have to be made, and that technology, granular use of data, efficiencies, and other avenues would need to be explored. We assume he means those avenues to be with, and in communities as much as they are elsewhere. And we assume that the UBRAF will reflect this. Communities ensure that key human rights and gender inequality issues are addressed; they ensure sustained evidence-based treatment and care services for those in need; and they ensure people remain at the centre of all that we jointly do. It will be a slippery slope taking us back decades if we begin to prioritize tools for efficiencies before communities and to fund the envisaged community scale up in the Global AIDS Strategy only with ‘leftover’ funds or “when we have enough funding”.

We support the call for a fully-funded UBRAF and encourage member states and those central to this decision to continue to be bold, innovative and strategic in supporting this. I thank you.


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