47th PCB - Intervention by Jules Kim - Agenda item 15: Thematic Segment: Cervical cancer and HIV- addressing linkages and common inequalities to save women’s lives - Overview

Delivered by Jules Kim, Asia and the Pacific, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

I deliver this intervention on behalf of the NGO Delegation.

Cervical cancer is entirely preventable and as we have heard entirely possible to eliminate. With the availability of vaccines and routine screening, there is no need for any individual with a cervix, regardless of their gender or sexuality, including women, girls, trans*, non-binary and intersex people to be affected by or die from cervical cancer. And the concerning reality is that women living with HIV are more susceptible to developing cervical cancer.

Yet the continuing resistance to implementing inclusive and integrated systems of prevention, treatment, knowledge and care around sexual reproductive health and rights and the underlying inequities in our health systems and cultures against women and key populations, create unnecessary barriers to women’s health. This must change.

We can eliminate cervical cancer- but to do so we must stop denying the autonomy of all women and girls and key populations over their own bodies and sexual health. We must stop the delusion that women and girls do not have to informed about sex and sexual health and rights. We must fund the integration of essential care and combination prevention services for cervical cancer and HIV. And we must eliminate the financial, societal and structural barriers, including stigma, discrimination and gender based violence that prevent access to necessary support, services, prevention and care for all women, girls and key populations.

We urge MS to ensure funding and access to combination prevention, care, screening and treatment for cervical cancer for all women, girls, trans*, non binary and intersex people living with and affected by HIV in all our diversity. We can and must act to prevent and eliminate cervical cancer.


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