46th PCB - Intervention by Alexander Pastoors - Agenda 7: Update on the Implementation of the Management Action Plan

Delivered by Alexander Pastoors, Europe Delegate, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

Thank you Chair, Madame Executive Director,

I am delivering this statement on behalf of the entire NGO Delegation.

The NGO Delegation welcomes the progress being made with the implementation of the Management Action Plan for a healthy, equitable and enabling workplace for all UNAIDS staff. We note with appreciation that in many areas, significant progress has been made since the last meeting of the PCB.

The NGO Delegation however notes that there are a number of issues in which progress seems to stagnate. We reiterate therefore the recommendation in the reports on oversight and audit to push forward the implementation of the MAP especially on the areas where there is less progress, to address, among others, the staff priority issues and concerns identified in staff surveys, with the end view of achieving the vision of a healthy, equitable and enabling workplace for all UNAIDS staff.

We note with particular concern that the staff survey shows three cases of perceived discrimination based on a worker’s actual or assumed HIV status. There is no room for such workplace discrimination anywhere, but especially in the UN’s Joint Programme on HIV.

Furthermore, we request the Secretariat to speed up the recruitment process of the position of the director of the independent ethics office. According to the MAP, the recruitment process is foreseen to be finalised in the second quarter of 2021. Given the importance of the office within the MAP the recruitment shouldn’t be postponed until next year.


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