Intervention by Sonal Mehta for agenda 9


Agenda Item 9: HIV Prevention 2020: A Global Partnership for Delivery

To be delivered by: Sonal Mehta, Asia Pacific delegate

The PCB NGO Delegation appreciates that often there is more flexibility in implementing programmes supported by Foundations. And therefore Foundations grants are probably the best support for work around structural barriers in HIV prevention – the intervention that can lead to most sustainable outcomes.

What is the commitment from the Gates Foundation to not merely invest in coalition but also on the ground in interventions, especially to middle-income countries that need such interventions since that is where highest number of concentrated epidemic countries belong and that is from where most bureaucratic donors are transitioning from. And especially to interventions that change policies, norms, and laws, not just service delivery.

And to UNAIDS: how can we ensure this investment in the refined model of resource mobilization that in allocating these resources will include communities?


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