Agenda 2 – intervention by Sonal Mehta, Asia Pacific delegate

Thank you Madam Chair

Mr. Sands,

First let me thank you as a PCB NGO Delegate for accepting to come to the PCB and sharing your thoughts on ——————–.

Let me thank you for coming, as a representative of Developing Country Delegate in the GF board. Because I feel it is in the interest of the Global Fund to acknowledge and support the role and importance of institutions such as UNAIDS in ensuring the investments are optimally effective. The important policy work and the framework for performance they provide, as well as the vast, often unnoticed, role they play on the ground are an integral part of the HIV response. . Based on our experience during the CCM negotiations with government, programme transitions and the oversight and OIG visits, UNAIDS stands strongly with civil society to ensure that all the investment done by the Global Fund not only is well accounted for, but also leaves a lasting effect – which is possible through a constant advocacy and dialogue with government for increasing domestic funding.

Mr. Sands, I am also happy to let you know that we – civil society – are preparing for active engagement during the forthcoming preparatory meeting in India in February, where UNAIDS plays a very important role in helping us access the epicenters of power within the country. We are excited that the Global Fund accepted to do Preparatory Meeting in India and we hope we are able to ensure that the donors see the real impact of their investments directly.

So why am I saying all this? We, the people on the ground realise that UNAIDS and the Global Fund are two sides of the same coin, one without the other is like a body without a soul and therefore, I would like to emphasise that there is a need for a clearer understanding and agreement around the role and responsibilities, not only at the policy level in Geneva, but on ground where we experience both the institutions. I see a need for a clearer definition of roles and acknowledgement of efforts. Because we have come to realise that it is not only in our benefit that we have a strong and fully funded Global Fund, but also a strong and fully capacitated UNAIDS to ensure effective outcomes for the investments and for voices of civil society to be amplified at the right places and to the right ears.

43rd PCB

Agenda item 2

Delivered by Sonal Mehta, Asia-Pacific NGO


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