Agenda 3 – intervention by Lucy Wanjiku, incoming African delegate

Greetings PCB, civil society and women’s rights leaders.

I am Lucy Wanjiku, the founder of Positive Women Voices Kenya. I am the incoming PCB NGO Delegate for Africa. I am an advocate and I do represent many of my peers who may not be heard. Most importantly, I am a young African woman. A woman directly impacted by the HIV pandemic and one who has directly benefited from the work of UNAIDS.

I want to share a few thoughts with you from my context.

1. Without shadow of a doubt we want a safe workplace that has zero tolerance to Sexual harassment, bullying and abuse of power. Every woman and girl has the right to this. I want and need safe places to work and enjoin UNAIDS and partners to ensure all women have this safety and security!

2. UNAIDS has worked tirelessly to ensure everyone is part of the response fully and meaningfully and especially girls and young women who bear the disproportionate burden of HIV/AIDS.

3. I am the girl in the village, the young woman with ideas and the one ready to be a part of improving the health, safety and rights of my local community and Africa as a whole. I want to see a UNAIDS that does not leave girls and young women behind. That listens to me and as it keeps working towards Zero, does not Zero me out.

Thank you kindly for you time.

43rd PCB

Agenda item 3
Delivered by Lucy Wanjiku, Positive Women Voices Kenya

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