Agenda 3 – intervention by Ferenc Bagyinszky, European delegate

Thank you, Madam Chair.

During the June PCB, in my intervention on behalf of the NGO Delegation, in the middle of the discussions around setting up the Independent Expert Panel we called the attention of the Board to NOT overlook the underlying connection between abuse of power that manifests in the form of stigma and discrimination, harassment and violence in the HIV epidemic.

Please allow me to quote from the June intervention: “This IS our core business of the HIV response at ALL levels as gender based violence, harassment, bullying, and abuse of power are deeply rooted at all levels of society and are the main drivers behind the HIV epidemic in all regions.”

So I´m calling on again this body to do our duty, and strongly and properly address the issues identified by previous reports and the current response of the Staff Association and the recommendations of the report of the Independent Panel.

Thank you.

43rd PCB

Agenda item 3

Delivered by Ferenc Bagyinszky, NGO Europe


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