50th PCB - Intervention by Gastón Devisich - Agenda item 6 Update on strategic human resources management issues

Delivered by Gastón Devisich, Latin America and the Caribbean, on behalf of the NGO Delegation

Thank you Chair,

Firstly, the NGO Delegation would like to commend the UNAIDS Secretariat for its dedication during this past year. Your hard work did not go by unnoticed, especially during the uncertain times of the financial context, the Alignment process, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As community representatives, we are convinced the Alignment has come at the best time possible, allowing us to model the global HIV response on a people-centered approach while incorporating the lessons learned on global health during these past 2 years. We would encourage this process to be completed in a human-centered, dignified way that reflects the hallmark of UNAIDS’ work. Nonetheless, we can once again witness the effects of a non fully funded UBRAF. The alignment process demands the adoption of a decentralized, knowledge-driven focus to build a more networked organization, but we can not integrate young people and the world-class technical and strategic capacities they have cultivated in their countries if there is not a solid structure to accommodate them and ensure the scope of their expertise.

During these past days, we heard how in Latin America and the Caribbean, there is fear of various UNAIDS’ offices being emptied and closed. And they are most definitely not alone. At the same time, there are reports from Civil Society leaders in Lower to Middle Income Countries having difficulties with visa applications to attend the 24th International AIDS Conference. That is why I am delivering my intervention in English today. We need Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Northern Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia to be integrated into the global HIV-response. We need to do more for Sub-Saharan Africa, we must stop leaving people behind.

If we want transformations that are equitable and sustainable, we need for the Joint Programme to commit to remain present at country in every single region in the world. We need those offices not only to remain open but to flourish.

Thank you,


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