NGO Delegation’s Intervention on Human Resources Management

The NGO Delegation read the Human Resource Management report with interest and notes the significant undertaking of the staff restructure. We note the statement indicating that the Secretariat had “purposefully evolved from a largely headquarters based to a largely field based organisation. However, we were surprised to read that the increase in percentage of total staff in the field was only 5% over the past two years. In addition, from our calculations, and in real numbers, this actually represents a decrease of 15 staff in the field.

We note that the Secretariat is to continue to focus efforts on the implementation of the realignment, further increasing field staff and streamlining headquarters. We are quite keen to understand better the gains in coordination, program development, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation that have resulted from the increased field placements.

Yesterday we addressed the issue of insufficient involvement of UNAIDS in the MENA, EECA and LAC regions. The NGO Delegation would like to know how UNAIDS is planning to increase its presence in these regions through the new human resource structure.

It was encouraging to see that the gender balance amongst staff is relatively balanced. As we have heard UNAIDS’ clear support for gender equity, we look forward to increased internal implementation with the development of opportunities to increase the number of women in the P5 level and above.

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