Call for Case Studies for the Thematic Segment of the 44th PCB Meeting Now Out!

The call for case studies for the Thematic Segment of the 44th PCB Meeting, “Delivering on SDG3: Strengthening and integrating comprehensive HIV responses into sustainable health systems for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)” is now out!

The submission form can be found here.

The thematic segment provides an opportunity to:

a. Explore how UHC can benefit from the lessons learnt from the HIV response;

b. Review the importance of, and challenges associated with, integrating comprehensive HIV responses into sustainable health systems for UHC;

c. Discuss lessons learned from the HIV response that are critical for ensuring progress towards UHC and in building the sustainable health systems on which UHC must rely; and

d. Identify priority approaches and areas of action for the UNAIDS Joint Programme, Member States, and civil society to ensure that roll-out of UHC achieves its full potential – for the HIV response and for human health and well-being.

Specifically, UNAIDS is seeking examples of policies, programmes and other actions in the following areas:

a. Examples of the HIV responses contributing to the strengthening of health systems (human resources, task shifting, M&E, laboratory innovations).

b. Examples of integration of comprehensive HIV services into health systems for UHC.

c. Examples of the lessons learnt from HIV responses informing the development of UHC, including in the context of:

d. Establishing inclusive health governance with civil society participation.

e. Supporting and capacitating civil society and communities to engage in the development of UHC and its accountability.

f. Addressing structural barriers, including stigma and discrimination, in access to services.

g. Engaging other sectors beyond the health sector in a multisectoral response towards achieving the SDGs, including SDG 3.

h. Identifying the ways in which HIV programmes contribute to the strengthening of health systems that help improve both HIV and other health conditions.

g. Examples of diversified of health revenue generation to raise domestic financing for health on essential packages, including for the HIV related services.

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