Communication and Consultation Facility (CCF)

The Communication and Consultation Facility (CCF) – formerly known as the Communications Facility – has supported the NGO Delegation since 2008 by facilitating communications between delegates, amongst the regions, and between the NGO Delegation and civil society; strengthening participation and ensuring the inclusion of the voices of the community in UNAIDS programming.

The CCF provides the delegation with independent support, while working in collaboration with the UNAIDS Secretariat. Its main goals are to support the internal management of the Delegation and to help facilitate its communication and consultation with wider civil society to ensure that the PCB NGO Delegation is appropriately nominated and equipped to represent civil society issues to the PCB.

The CCF is hosted by different NGOs for as per contracted term and approval by the NGO Delegation and UNAIDS Secretariat. From 2008-2010, it was hosted by the World AIDS Campaign in Amsterdam, Netherland; from 2010-2012, by the International Council Of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) in Toronto, Canada; from 2013-2021, by the Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV (APN+) in Bangkok, Thailand; and since 2022, by the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) in the Netherlands.

Functions of the CCF

The CCF holds the following functions to the Delegation:

  • Meet the major administrative and logistic needs of the Delegation.
  • Address Delegation members’ and stakeholders’ communication needs.
  • Achieve effective Delegation stakeholder outreach and management.

Contacting the CCF

The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+)
Eerste Helmersstraat 17B3, 1054 CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel : +31-20-423 4114


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