The Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) is the governing body of UNAIDS. It was established in 1994 through a resolution of the UN Economic and Social Council and made operational in January, 1996. It is made up of 22 voting Member States, 10 Cosponsors and 10 representatives of non-governmental organizations (one delegate and one alternate from 5 regions).

UNAIDS was the first UN programme to have civil society formally represented on its governing body. The NGO Delegation to the UNAIDS Program Coordination Board (PCB) has a triple role, one of which is participating objectively and independently in the workings and decision-making of the PCB.

Role of the PCB

As stated, in the Modus Operandi of the UNAIDS PCB, “The Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) acts as the governing body on all programmatic issues concerning policy, strategy, finance, monitoring and evaluation of UNAIDS”.

The PCB has the following broad functions:

  • To establish broad policies and priorities for the Joint Programme, taking into account the provisions of General Assembly resolution 47/199;
  • To review and decide upon the planning and execution of the Joint Programme. For this purpose it is kept informed of all aspects of the development of the Joint Programme and considers reports and recommendations submitted to it by the Executive Director, and the Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations (CCO)
  • To review and approve the plan of action and budget for each financial period, prepared by the Executive Director and reviewed by the CCO;
  • To review proposals of the Executive Director and approve arrangements for the financing of the Joint Programme;
  • To review longer term plans of action and their financial implications;
  • To review audited financial statements submitted by the Joint Programme;
  • To make recommendations to the Cosponsoring Organizations regarding their activities in support of the Joint Programme, including those of mainstreaming;
  • To review periodic reports that evaluate the progress of the Joint Programme towards the achievement of its goals.

UNAIDS Governance

The UNAIDS website contains all the relevant background information and documents relating to previous board meetings, participants and agenda items.

To visit the UNAIDS page on governance and the PCB please click here.

If there is any specific document you are looking for, or have trouble in accessing, please not hesitate to contact a member of the Communications Facility staff.

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