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The NGO Delegation represents civil society on the UNAIDS PCB, the governing body of UNAIDS.


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Application for UNAIDS Executive Director Position Now Open
At its 43rd PCB meeting in December 2018, the Programme Coordinating Board called for the immediate initiation of the selection process for the next UNAIDS Executive Director.The Search Committee is pleased to invite you to widely share this vacancy and to identify and encourage the submission of Read More...
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The NGO Delegation's Communique for the PCB Special Session and Strategic Planning Retreat is out. The Communique contains the following sections: "Update on prevention of and response to harassment, including sexual harassment; bullying and abuse of power at UNAIDS Secretariat"; "Selection process Read More...
Call for Case Studies for the Thematic Segment of the 44th PCB Meeting Now Out!
The call for case studies for the Thematic Segment of the 44th PCB Meeting, “Delivering on SDG3: Strengthening and integrating comprehensive HIV responses into sustainable health systems for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)” is now out! The submission form can be found here.The thematic segment Read More...
Decisions - Special Session of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (28 March 2019)
The Special PCB Meeting decisions are now posted. You can view the decisions here. Read More...
Agenda 3 – intervention by Wangari Tharao, North American delegate
Thank you, Chair. You have all heard from my fellow Delegate from Latin America, on our ideal future Executive Director. We are confident that the swift, rigorous selection process now underway will secure us that candidate. But no matter how competent the candidate, and how suited to lead this Read More...
Agenda 3 – intervention by Alessandra Nilo, Latin America and the Caribbean delegate
Our delegation would like to stress the importance of this moment for the future of UNAIDS, when we have the entire world watching us. The responsibility of the new ED will be immense and we are particularly happy to see that the call for the new ED position specifically welcomes applications from Read More...
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The Communication and Consultation Facility (CCF) for the NGO Delegation is currently hosted by the Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV (APN+), Bangkok, Thailand

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